NOVA Summer Cubbies

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Nike 4 Park


June 4th- June 27th


Welcome to Pride Lacrosse's Cubbies program, an exciting opportunity for girls in kindergarten through 4th grade to discover the thrill of lacrosse in the heart of Northern Virginia. Located at the renowned Nike 4 Park, our program offers a dynamic and inclusive environment where young athletes can develop their skills, forge friendships, and ignite their passion for the game.

At Pride Lacrosse, we believe in nurturing the love of lacrosse from the earliest age. Our Cubbies program is carefully designed to introduce young players to the fundamentals of the sport in a fun and supportive setting. Led by experienced coaches who are passionate about empowering young athletes, our program focuses on skill development, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

From learning how to hold a stick to mastering basic techniques, our dedicated coaches provide personalized instruction tailored to each player's skill level. Through engaging drills, games, and activities, girls have the opportunity to enhance their lacrosse skills while building confidence and camaraderie with their peers.

The Nike 4 Park serves as the perfect backdrop for our Cubbies program, offering state-of-the-art facilities and ample space for players to learn and grow. With its convenient location in Northern Virginia, families can easily access the park and participate in the excitement of youth lacrosse.

Whether your child is taking their first steps onto the lacrosse field or looking to further develop their skills, Pride Lacrosse's Cubbies program provides a supportive and inclusive environment where every girl can thrive. Join us at Nike 4 Park and discover the joy of lacrosse with Pride Lacrosse!