Girls Lacrosse

Recognized as a Top #20 Club in the Nation for Youth and High School.

The leader in skill and player development in the Mid-Atlantic area.

We spend more time on skill development than any other program and host more practices year round than any other club.


Focused on building comprehensive stick skills for both the dominant and non-dominant hands, and building instinct to maneuver based on what the situation demands.


Strong is the new pretty. We performance train our players so they can excel as elite athletes on the field. Strength training has been shown to increase overall health while also reducing injuries.


Exercising mobility and quickness to excel at the fastest game on two feet. Training players to react as quickly as possible, and in tight spaces to successfully dodge, move, and defend against an opponent.


Breaking down and teaching every element of the game and not relying on the drill to teach the skill. Explaining the strategy of the game and creating age-appropriate scenarios to learn and develop.

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Today is a tough day for many, and we’ve spent the day reflecting on the tragedy of September 11. We’re proud to be Americans but even more so today when the country came together under the red, white and blue 🇺🇸. ...

Well done ladies! Our 2027🤍 team has been grinding this past year. We’re so proud of how they finished their season. 3-1 BRAVO LADIES! 🙌🏼 #playwithpride #pridelacrosse #girlslacrosse #lacrosse ...

There’s a reason we changed our colors years ago to ❤️🤍💙! Happy Birthday America! Home of the free because of the brave! We hope everyone made great memories with friends and family! ...

Congrats to these kids! A weather delay was called off and they had 7 minutes left to play. Down 2, they scored 5 unanswered goals! Gritty and so tough! Everyone contributed! Great job girls! LET’S GO PRIDE! #playwithpride #pridelacrosse #northernvirginialacrosse #girlslacrosse ...

It’s our 2024s last time in pink 💕at @laxforthecure 😭and we’re not ready yet. They’ve been with us for a long time and we’ve watched them grow up into spectacular young ladies! Great job this weekend! #playwithpride #pridelacrosse #lacrosse #girlslacrosse #northernvirginialacrosse #loudounlacrosse ...

Our 2031s had way too much fun showing off their bruises. 😂 Are you even an attacker if you don’t have bruises!? #playtough #playwithpride #pridelacrosse #northernvirginialacrosse #loudounlacrosse ...